IntroducingLily Wallet

Our mission is to make securing bitcoin safe and easy. We believe that bitcoin is the best monetary network ever created. Because of this belief, we build products and provide support for normal people to make using bitcoin secure and easy.

Our flagship product is Lily Wallet, an ultra secure bitcoin wallet that runs on your computer. Lily makes it easy to create and manage multisignature vaults, a type of bitcoin account that requires approvals from multiple devices in order to send coins to other people.

Lily combines bitcoin standard practices with an easy to understand user interface to keep your bitcoin secure and accessible.

At Lily, we focus on:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Usability

Made for normal folks

Lily was designed to make securing bitcoin easy. We build products for everyday users to use and provide expert support for when they get stuck. We think this approach will help get the next million bitcoin users online.

About Us

Lily was started in March 2020 because its founder was frustrated by how complex multisignature wallets for Bitcoin were. The company set out to create a secure multisignature wallet that anyone could use.

  • Kevin Mulcrone

    Co-Founder / CEO

    Kevin first heard about Bitcoin in 2012 when his AP Computer Science classmates began mining it in their high school's computer lab.

    He believes Bitcoin will help foster a society that is more free, productive, ethical, and fun than our world today.

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