The best way to
secure your Bitcoin

Lily makes it easy to keep your Bitcoin safe using multisignature vaults.

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Compatible with the most popular Bitcoin hardware devices

Cobo Vault

The best way to secure your bitcoin

You don't have to compromise privacy or usability to secure your wealth.

Multisig for everyone

Lily uses multisignature to protect your coins, requiring multiple devices to approve transactions.

  • Eliminate single points of failure

    Multisig combines multiple keys to eliminate single points of failure.

  • Distribute security

    Store keys in various locations to protect against theft, loss, or natural disaster.

  • Simple recovery

    Lily uses industry-standard BIP-32 paths to make it straight forward to recover wallets in other software.

Security and privacy first

Lily is constructed from a password encrypted configuration file. There is no database, no data tracking, no analytics.

  • Accountless

    Lily doesn't require an account of any kind. Just download the software, create or load your wallets, and start using bitcoin.

  • Stateless

    Lily doesn't use a database of any kind. All information is loaded from your encrypted configuration file and used during your local session. When you close the program, all data related to your session is deleted too.

  • Interoperable

    Easily export your accounts to be used in other software like Caravan, BlueWallet, and Bitcoin Core.

  • Open Source

    The code for Lily is completely open source and able to be reviewed by anyone. Don't trust, verify.

Hand Holding

Need help? We will help you create your vault and test sending money to and from it.

Setup Walkthrough

We understand that sending and receiving Bitcoin for the first time is intimidating. We will walk you through using Lily step by step so you feel comfortable securing your money and achieving true financial sovereignty.

What's included

  • 30 minute Zoom call

  • 1-on-1 Personal Session

  • Vault Setup

  • Mobile Wallet Setup

  • Test Send and Receive

30 minute Zoom call


Frequently asked questions

Can I buy Bitcoin using Lily?

No, Lily is just a wallet used to store, receive, and send bitcoin. If you wish to purchase bitcoin, create an account on an exchange (we recommend River or Swan)

What is a multisignature vault?

Multisignature vaults are bitcoin accounts that require approving spending transactions with more than one key or device. This keeps your coins secure in case of key loss or theft.

How long does it take to configure Lily?

If you have all your hardware devices at hand, you can create a multisignature vault and mobile wallet in under 10 minutes.

Can I create a 3-of-5 multisig vault?

Yes, you can create any k-of-n vault combination up to 15 devices.

Can I create an account with a single hardware wallet?

Of course! You can import a single hardware device that you already use. Your transaction history should import from Ledger Live and Trezor Wallet.

Can I use my full node with Lily?

Yes, you can retrieve transaction and UTXO data from your own instance of Bitcoin Core.

Ready to secure your Bitcoin?

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