Use Lily Wallet for free to manage your personal stash. Upgrade to multisig for more robust security and complex custody solutions.



An entry level solution for easily managing your personal stash of bitcoins.

  • Manage existing funds on hardware wallets

  • Lightning network account management

  • Full PSBT support

  • Fee customization



A premium solution for businesses, inheritance, or high net-worth individuals

  • Eliminate single points of failure

  • Collaborative custody with other stakeholders

  • Zero KYC or invasive surveillance

  • Premium support staff on call to assist

Conceirge Service

Get one-on-one access to a Lily Wallet customer service representative to setup your wallet and answer questions about self-custody for $29.

Frequently asked questions

Why does this Lily cost money?
Building and maintaining high quality software is a time consuming activity. We charge money for Lily in order to align our incentives to keep the software up to date.
Why do you charge on a yearly basis?
We charge on a yearly basis to keep incentives aligned. If we charged a one-time fee, we would have no incentive to continue to maintain the software after onboarding our initial customers.
What're the differences between each tier?
The differences between each tier are shown above, but they mostly come down to the number of devices you are able to secure your funds with and the level of support available.
Can I purchase a license using a credit card?
No, we only accept Bitcoin as payment because it's irreversable and gives our customers an opportunity to get comfortable sending money using Lily Wallet.
What happens if Lily disappears or stops updating its software?
Your funds are always safe when using Lily. If we disappear or go out of business, you can easily export your wallet data to other software like Bitcoin Core, Blue Wallet, or Caravan.
Do you require KYC/AML information for a license?
Nope. Lily doesn't require any KYC/AML information from our customers.

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