The standard for bitcoin security

With its intuitive design, breathtaking speed and flexibility, Lily Wallet is an excellent wallet for both basic and advanced users. It is the wallet of choice for every person looking to use bitcoin as money.

Manage all of your bitcoin in one place

Don't use a different application for every bitcoin account you have. Lily Wallet provides a beautiful interface to manage all of your bitcoin holistically.

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Upgrade as your wealth appreciates

You can start using Lily Wallet with your current custody setup, no matter what that is. Then easily upgrade to multisig for more robust security as your bitcoin increases in value.

Customer profile user interface

Unlock the full power of bitcoin

We are bitcoiners ourselves, so we have built Lily Wallet with all of the features we would expect in a world-class bitcoin wallet.

Unlimited accounts

Manage all of your accounts from one beautiful, intuitive user interface.

Lightning Network

Support for lightning network accounts including channel opening/closing from cold storage.

Transaction metadata

Easily add labels to transactions and tags to addresses to stay organized.

Fee customization

Choose what fee you want to pay based on the priority of your transaction.

PSBT support

Fully interoperable with wallets and software that support partially signed bitcoin transactions.

Connect to your node

Easily connect to your node at home to verify and broadcast transactions.

Privacy by default

No sign ups, emails, or KYC required. Simply download the software and start using bitcoin.

Support available

Bitcoin experts are on call to help answer questions or provide support.

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